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"Over 1,000 Info Sources and Products for Baby Boomers and Seniors as seen in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, CBS..."

50 is the best News source for Boomers, Zoomers and Seniors looking for relevant Health, Sex, Travel, Money, Finance and Retirement information

55-Alive! features Best places to Retire, boomer discussion boards, grandparenting, senior travel, and relationship advice for those 50-plus. The premier baby boomer website and retirement community!

Aging Hipsters - the Baby Boomer Generation
The Baby Boomer Generation ( is the source for trends, research, comment and discussion of the generation from 1946 - 1964. Includes 60's and 70's music, culture, politics, humor, health and issues for Baby Boomers

Boom This! - Your link to all things Baby Boomer
Everything Baby Boomer: health, fitness, money, retirement, family, friends, work, play and baby boomer lifestyle.

BoomerCafe - online magazine for baby boomers
BoomerCafe is an online magazine for baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits.

Boomeropia - Travel for BabyBoomers
Boomeropia is an online travel destination for baby boomers, where you can find over thirty categories of special travel packages that are difficult to find, adventure, traveling with pets. Research trips, expert tips and user reviews, local weather and currency information, saftey, passport information, and much more. Boomeropia has over thirty categories of special travel packages that are difficult to find from airfare to lodging, find great deals and special offers from airfare to lodging, unique, cheap airline tickets, hotels, cars, cruises and vacation packages, all in one place

eHow - Discover the expert in you!
Learn how to do just about everything at eHow. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions on how to make, cook, grow, or do almost anything.

Eons - 50 plus everything is the online community for spirited BOOMers who want to explore their passions, keep in touch with friends, connect with interesting people, share life experiences and, most of all, have fun.

Fifty Is The New - Great articles and valuable information for women on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle after 50 - the new 40!
A top website for baby boomer women! Is 50 is the new 40, 30? Women embrace life after fifty as an unfolding challenge! Browse our website for women over 50, with articles on turning fifty, ideas, helpful links!

Geezer Guff - feisty and funny senior citizen humor
Funny comments, humor, satire, and guff from the geezer, an eccentric senior citizen. Give 'em guff, geezer!

Good Relaxation - Only no-nonsense health, relaxation and stress relief tips

INSPIYR - helpful tips to inspire and improve your life

Nerd Tears - Movie reviews & celebrity interviews

So Baby Boomer: Life Tips
Life coaching tips for confident and independent Baby Boomers who admit they need more money than their parents' generation to live comfortably, are more self-indulgent, will be healthier, live longer and continue to set trends during each phase of their lives.
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