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Our team is small so we wear many hats. Meet our players...

Grandma Betty
People tell me I am the visionary. Maybe so, but my goal and passion is to help active seniors and baby boomers worldwide get the most out of the digital revolution we are experiencing. The world is changing rapidly and our generation can leverage cutting-edge technology to improve our lives. We have the experience and know-how to shape how technology will create a better lifestyle for ourselves and the generations to follow. The GB Team says, with a smile, that I can be 'demanding' at times and that I threaten to disown them too often but it is only because I can see how wonderful the future can be through our creative work. On the rare occasions when I am not improving with new features and adding new sites I like to speak to groups, do interviews and read a good book.

Hey! I am the CTO and lead developer here at GrandmaBetty. I have nearly 11 years of programming experience, with my areas of focus being social based web based systems such as,, OrangeFoxGames and of course I developed and optimized the back-end of each system for high scalability and security. Each site is dynamic and extensible to incorporate new features as they are developed. While I'm not nerding it up, I serve as a die-hard Yankee fan, take pictures of stuff and collect sports memorabilia. I am currently a senior at Binghamton University where I study Computer Science, Philosophy and the menu at nearly every fast food restaurant.

I am the baby boomer on the team. My passion is leveraging technology in creative and fun ways. I want to help make the future happen now. Often Grandma Betty or I will come up with an idea, describe it to David and he will do his magic and figure out a way to make it a reality. My hobby is anything to do with basketball- play, coach, commissioner, spin basketballs on any finger and developing trick shots like making free-throws behind my back and half-court shots over my head.
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